Monday, July 13, 2009

ONE July 13, 2009



Saturday was open house at the US Olympic Center.

Our middle daughter, Shayla, is doing a summer internship there.

So, with Shayla as our guide, we went for a visit.

Very impressive place.

We bought some stuff…so now we'll have to explain to people that we are not Olympians. J

Actually about three important blog focuses hit me while we were there.

Like this one….

The story told by the US Team Chairman of Judo.

He talked about running cross country as a kid. How all his friends would say "Let's meet on Saturday morning at the park and we'll run together." And they never ever came….except one kid who always wanted to stop so they could listen to some music!!

But he kept on….and on….running, judo….all the way to his position now leading hundreds of others in championship sport activity.

Then he reflected on the many times people say…."I'm waiting for someone to join me in this, or "we just have to build a team around this….on and on, denying (tacitly) the incredible power of ONE.

Each of us, with God's help, can decide to be the ONE who does it. The ONE who says yes. The ONE who makes an incredible difference in the world.

But, stunningly, we never actually are just ONE…..for Jesus says, "do it in My name, and it will always be TWO – for I will be in the middle of it all with you. Matthew 28:20

So, be the ONE.

Llive the TWO.

And change the world.



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