Friday, July 31, 2009

The Mark


We were invited into a large, concrete, padded room, divided into lanes and unusually lit.

Kinda like a very large bowling alley...but with no finery.

At the end of each lane was a small (4"x 4") piece of thick beige-colored paper, clipped to a line that would transport them back and forth....down the 90 foot lanes.

At the end of each lane - furthest from where we stood - the paper came under a focused light, and in the center of each paper was a series of concentric circles - 9 total - forming a very compact bullseye. The furthest outside circle being less than 3 inches across. When a sample target was given to me and I held it in hand, the numbers in the rings were so small that they challenged normal vision.

And then the demonstration.

The bullseye was sent down the wire to the end of the lane and a person stepped to the opposite end with either a pistol or rifle in hand....ears covered, eyes shielded.
The weapon was lifted into position and after a very deliberate process involving breathing, arm positions, stance and more, a shot was fired.
And then the bullseye was brought back, sailing along the wire, so it could be examined.
How close to the center?
How perfect a shot?

The sample I was given had a tiny hole so fractionally off dead center that it was awarded a "10."

Perfect shot.

This was the firing range of the USOlympic Center.
World-class athletes in continual training for the next olympics.

And I think about the journey now.

World class christians in training for heaven?

And what is it I am aiming at?

And how close am I coming....really?

Jesus is truly the target of life.

Not money, nor what we own, or drive, or who we know....but Jesus.

I line up and shoot every day, seeking to launch my energies and person at the target well..
...well, almost every day......

A ten?

Well, some days it feels more like a 4 or 5...or a splat on the back wall.

But He has given to me the gift of today
and if I can become a little more like Him in kindness, and patience
- oh, and in generosity, and endurance, and truthfulness long this list could become

If I can eschew a little more of the values of the culture and be less anchored to the planet.

If I can grasp His presence and purpose in moments of this day....and get in step with what He is doing....

Ah, that truly is what my heart desires.

Guide me to the target, Holy Spirit.
Steady my hands,
calm my heart,
clear up my vision,
embolden my will
enhance my risking
Jesus, capture all of my aim.

And when it is time for You to examine the bullseye of my life, may you see Jesus.

In Your holy, perfect name and for Your sake I pray.


(Off to General Council/Orlando, Florida and will return to this site on August 10th.
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