Thursday, July 15, 2010


July 15, 2010


It has been a very good week.

Around 700 Chi Alpha leaders gathered at the Arizona Grand Resort to learn, worship and build relationships together. It is a great place to be to simply be a part of their life.

What an overwhelming testimony it is to the transforming motivating power of the gospel. Incredible.

The day long seminar that I facilitated on my book SPIRIT LIFE went really well...everyone seeming to be alive and excited by what was being presented. Yesterday I had an opportunity to promo the book in a workshop....and at the table they said the sales of it were moving well.

Tonight at the closing banquet I have been asked to promo it again...and then it will probably move briskly.

Some good feedback already coming from people who are getting into it. Jackie said, " I was reading your book last night and really enjoyed it"....and my thought was, which one?, the one by Kenneth Bailey on JESUS THROUGH MIDDLE EASTERN EYES, or the one we picked up on the interior life? by James Bryan Smith?

No...she said. Your book. I was surprised...and blessed!

The weather here is amazing...should get to 114 today...already in the early morning it is almost a furnace. The birds, foraging from last night's pool party already have their beaks wide open in the morning heat. For breakfast they beat a number of eggs together and then just threw them in the air....and they came down ready to be eaten. Not really.

We travel home tomorrow midday...and I am sure I will get on this blog rather soon after our arrival. By the way, welcome to our growing family....some of the Phoenix Family. Good to have spent time with you this week.



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Monica Mayo said...

Pastor Dave - I was wondering how I can order a copy of your book? I am teaching a class this fall on Acts/HS and am very interested in using your book in the course. I hope things are going well...

Monica Mayo