Friday, July 2, 2010


Friday, July 2, 2010


Just got word that copies of Spirit Life are being sent to me. Should be here in 2 days. 500 copies have arrived at the Chi Alpha offices...finished ahead of time.

So the project has been completed to launch point.

I am so taken by how many people have to form team to make this happen...not just an author, but a project manager (Laurie Jones), designers, editors, printers, office personnel, and behind it all someone who believes it is worth doing (Dennis Gaylor and Chi Alpha). All of that has been in place, so we have seen this happen in half the time that it would normally take.

From the start to this point...I have sensed the Lord's favor on this and today is one more Fingerprint on the process. The time granted to write, the way the materials came together, the ease of writing, the wisdom at critical causes me to believe that God has something special in mind and will use this piece.

I will be presenting the book for the first time, in an all-day seminar in Phoenix 10days from now. Please pray that as I go through the final stages of preparation to do this I will be led clearly by the Lord. I want earnestly for the day to be a day of the Spirit...not a dry, endless words barrage.

In fact the fondest hopes I have for the book can now has not been to get published...but to know that people's lives are being empowered and energized and gatherings on campus and in churches are experiencing the Presence of God at work among them. I am praying that it will begin in Phoenix and spread like wind across campuses and churches hungry for more.

Please pray with me during these days...that I might be a faithful servant of the Lord, full of faith and wisdom.

Thanks again to the great team...and the Team Leader of it all, the Lord Jesus.

Thy Kingdom come.



Mark said...

Sounds Great! Where can we find information on getting the book? Your life and ministry has done so much to prepare you to share this vision. I rejoice with you and pray that that the book will become a powerful tool for renewal.

Mark L

Sheila Thompson said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. Please keep us posted as to when and where we can get copies. The journey you have been on for many years has not been easy, but you have always remained faithful. I know thousands of people will be blessed by the wisdom you share in this book and other books to come. God bless you Pastor Dave.

Spirit Life said...

This first edition is published by Chi Alpha...and I will be self publishing it immediately following next week. Ready around the first of August. Stay in touch on this and I will try to make it easy to get a hold of.