Thursday, July 8, 2010



I'll bet if we were all together getting a coffee, I could start this favorite verse of scripture and we all could finish it in unison. It's Philippians 4:19 - My God will supply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (We're you repeating it internally as you read?)

About "your need" - as I think about need, and live in a very materialistic culture, I think I see a tendency among us all to make "need" something that could be met with money...or gain of some kind. So, God, where is the hidden treasure? Remember the "all" word?

Today, I woke with Phoenix on my mind (know it's supposed to be Georgia - sorry) Thinking about what might happen, what God might want to do, how what I have worked to write and present might not pass muster...even worse.

Fear....may as well not play it down into a softer "discomfort" zone. Fear is what I was feeling...numbing, paralyzing fear. (Still my friend?)

My big "need" today, was something to deal with fear.

Two days ago Jackie was out walking and ended up praying rather at length asking God to speak to us more hear from Him in an unmistakeable we have in times past.

Show us Your path most clearly Lord. We need to hear from You...and know we have.

Her hear from God.

Midmorning, we received an email - a dear friend, from whom we had not heard for a long time - asking to speak with us by phone. And when we did, he had a word for us and a passage of scripture that moved us very about being confident in the call of the Lord and in His Who He is and who we are. I became so moved at one point...that I had to work to hold back tears.

God was using him to "supply" on both ends of our need.

Also He prompted me with a good idea, a wonderful talk with a wise son, and a day that went well.

Fear very much abated. (Keep praying with us through the next week. Thanks!)

Keep your eyes open...the promise holds true. Watch the timing and watch for the creative ways in which God shows up.



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Galen said...

Wouldn't we really like to know the definition of "need"? We have a notion, but only God knows what the fully articulated meaning is at any given point. Think about it for a minute. In a simple example, we need water. But we can do without for certain lengths of time, even though clearly we "need" it to live. Air, same thing. Relief from chaos is on a different level, but without relief for too long, we will wilt, because we have our limits finally. There is some sort of continuum for each of our needs, and each need is currently supplied to a point along the continuum, some points are nearing desperation; some are nearing superabundance. The old man lying on his deathbed needs for his cells to catch up on repairing 80 years of gradual damage, but it isn't going to happen, even though it is technically a need - in order to live. Christian martyrs needed things that at a certain point became unavailable. Hmm. So maybe biological life is among God's priorities in the content of "need," but it must not occupy the very highest place among His priorities. He balances the content of "need" His way, and we can't see it all too clearly.