Monday, January 24, 2011

He never had been drafted.
Never yet got a touchdown in the NFL.
Never started an NFL game.
Only 8 completions in three seasons.
Hadn't played for a big time college team.
Lingered at third string behind two proven pros.
Team behind 14-0.
Championship at stake.
Freezing weather.

And you might already know the story.
#1 quarterback went out with a bad knee.
#2 quarterback was pulled..four incompletions, playing "terribly."

So. last night, it became Caleb Hanie's turn.
And he threw 13 of 20 completions.
And got a touchdown.
And had everyone holding their (frosty) breath...because he had brought the team just one play away from a tie...and maybe a win.

Didn't happen....but the Denver Post in this morning's paper called him "the best quarterback in the NFC championship."

Life can be just like that...against all odds, the opportunity comes to do something great. And you end up on the big field, and way over your head.

But, with God's can be the best time ever.

So prepare. Dream. Walk humbly and faithfully in the place He has given you.

Grow in God this day.

He is the source of our the "impossible" place.

Today - it's one day closer to your time on the big field.*



*Might think this to be a bit wishful thinking? I believe that if the big field doesn't come to you in this life, it will show up in the next. (See Mtt.13:43, 19:27-30, 25:21)

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