Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spirit Life update

Just got off the phone moments ago with Chi Alpha personnel discussing the future of Spirit Life, the book. They are almost out of the first printing and want to go into a second edition.

This means, among various things:
1. they believe in the book and what it is doing
2. they are wanting to keep it going and making it available
3. the general reception to the book has been good.

Among the highlights for me of these months of the first edition:
1. launching it with Chi Alpha people in Phoenix in the July national conference
2. seeing the impact of it in the lives of Teen Challenge people in Texas - when truths about the Spirit were presented, God's Spirit visited them powerfully
3. presenting it to a large church and having half of the class immediately stand asking for prayer to go further with the Spirit
4. having a pastor of a very large and growing church say (about the group dynamics presented) this is the answer to questions that I have had. This is the way forward.
5. spending half a day with Chi Alpha leaders locally and sensing the bendiction of God upon our time
6. a senior staff member of a strong church ordering multiple copies so he can present it to key leaders in that church.

And now the opportunity to fine tune, adjust the refocus, and see it go to the next level.

So many of you that hit this blog (now pushing towards 12,000) have been partners with us in the Spirit Life project. So now I am soliciting response from you one more time:
1. Would you pray about the potentials at hand, asking God to equip us for the revising project?
2. Would you pray that the impact of Spirit Life would continue to grow and that it would be increasingly a God thing, rather than a people-energy-and-push thing?
3. Would you give feedback to us if you sense you have something to say or input to give?

Thanks for being our friends!

May God be glorified and His people strengthened.

Staying tuned..with you.

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