Saturday, January 29, 2011


His whole ministry focus was unusual.

Deal with past sin - repent.

Don't follow me - I'm not the one - but do get ready to follow.

Public words of fearsome are in big trouble.

And especially...get ready, prepare...something big is about to happen.

And if you are really serious, come here and I will put you to the test publically.

John the wonder camel skin suits fitted him well.
A rugged man...a wilderness preacher.

His whole focus was to prepare people.

In our quieter segments of life, a lot is about prepare.

On our journey for a few months now, we have sensed there is more for us, and yet can't quite get a handle on it....long conversations, much prayer, soaking in the word, doing whatever God seems to bring before us.

Either we aren't able to just settle down...or something is on the horizon, yet we don't know what that is.

While wrestling with this time...(are you too?) has come with the realization that we can use the time well, by preparing for an uncertain future. We can be on the way, while still trying to figure it all out.

We can do this...
1. By being in the best physical condition that we can be in. (Athletes are already doing this as I write, for an Olympics that is years off...and a few seconds on the track.)
2. We can prepare the way of the Lord by lingering in prayer, and seeking to best tune up our hearts and our ears to hear the voice of God. Sharpen our spiritual tools for whatever is ahead.
3. We can simplify our lives, so that when He says, it is time, we are ready to move out, and not be encumbered by such a myriad of things that could otherwise make it all "impossible."
4. We can simply do everything that God gives to us in the now, as a simple offering of obedience and faith to Him...blooming where we are now planted.
5. We can remind ourselves daily that we are called to trust Him with His timing in everything...and His changing paces for our lives. So we can keep a confident upward gaze.

May some of this be a word that focuses new energy, and lifts your heart.

Preparing...with you.

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