Monday, January 10, 2011


Great night of fellowship with friends on Friday, then home and to bed.
Phone call in the first hour of deep sleep. is Brad, and Amy is moving towards baby delivery.
Packing, a few things, and driving to their home.
Arrival: snowy weather.
Two vehicles pass in the with grandparents, the other with baby.
Baby arrives at c6am...Kendall Gabrielle...healthy, 8 pounds, eager to eat.
Footsteps arrive in our room at 6:30am...two boys wondering what is going on.
Breakfast...and to the hospital.
Refereeing :)
Hospital on the way home.
Crash at the end of the day...what a day!
What a wonderful scramble.
Kendall is here.
Mommy is fine.
Kids are happy.
Dog has done well.
We are sleeping pretty

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