Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We traveled a lot on I-80 in the last few days...the length of Nebraska. Saw the Spring game of the Cornhuskers, (they won! :)) some wonderful friends, great family times, Val's pizza and Runzas and more. A splendid few days!

Traveling I-80 brought back memories, for it was main street for me for four years in the early 70's. I remembered one night, when I was driving late and was very weary from teaching and interacting with collegians, yet so wanting to make it home. I became so weary that I sensed I was becoming dangerous.

Then the idea hit me, to "see how fast this car will go."

I was driving a 1971 Chevelle Super Sport, 396 horsepower, dual mags. Translated for the more stable who are reading this: a light bodied car, housing a ferocious engine. Built to go very fast.

I waited for the road to become very clear. I was going 75. Suddenly I "floored" it just to see what would happen. It "hung up" for a few seconds and began screaming, and then pushed me back in my seat as it jumped to the next level...the fastest I have ever driven.


I was wide awake from that moment until I got home.

Power...the promise to all of us is this: "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be My witnesses." Acts 1:8

Like my driving that night, we easily get into the habit of living sleepily, and never discovering the incredible power that sits under our "hoods."

By analogy, my encouragement is: "floor it" - live at least part of your days at full throttle. Attempt the "impossible." Stir yourself. When the Spirit nudges you, make the "yes" response that honestly will take His power to accomplish. Lay hands on the sick. Cast out demons. Stand up and share your faith. Commit to the incredible.

What will happen next will surprise you,
'cause there are moments when only power will get you home.

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Darrin said...

Oh, you did that too? My excuse wasn't as noble. I was just in a hurry.