Thursday, April 28, 2011


A few hours ago the news of David Wilkerson's horrible car accident in Texas broke into our worlds.

I remember years ago, hearing him at a rally and being pierced through with his callenging words of commitment and then his words of the amazing grace of God being manifested on the streets of New York. He was truly a man possessed by the Spirit of Christ...a prophet, a great ambassador of the gospel. His books an articles have left telling impact on my life.

The scripture that came to me pointedly in these hours was of the sudden departure of Elijah into the heavens:
it too was by a stream of water,
it too involved a vehicle of transport, in this case a chariot of fire,
it too was marked by the divine intervention and timing of God.

And may a fourth parallel come about..the fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God on others. (Read it all in II Kings 2)

May we all be praying that the family know God's voice and presence in these hours.

And may a fresh outpouring of God's Spirit fall on many.

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