Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Streamlining....gets rid of excess, cuts off the weights, the stuff that encumbers. Streamlining makes for easier movement on the journey...makes living more efficient and simple. It is one important aspect of living in the future will of God right now. Streamlining allows us to say "yes" to His will more readily and move in quicker obedience.

So I had this file system...all 14 or so drawers of it...over 600 hundred categories for filing the mountains of things I collected during 50 years - notes, articles, ideas, pages from magazines, old sermons, clippings, wedding ceremonies, funerals, church memos and practices. Mountains of stuff.

When we moved to Colorado, all of it came with us in a big mound of boxes. And now, one by one, the boxes are being opened and each file is being quickly perused and dealt with. About 80% of each file goes into a big two wheeled container that gets picked up every Friday morning. Stuff not likely to be of value. Stuff to let go of. Ouch. The remaining items get put in a now very small file, labeled well, for use with mentees, writing, and consulting with Pastors.

A few things I am learning in this, rather painful process:
1. To everything there is a season...it's part of the healthy cycle of life to let things go.
2. Reviewing even quickly all the items really is a way of remembering and giving thanks. Glad I didn't just pitch everything.
3. The seasons in the church are interesting...trends come and go...community, charismatic renewal, focus on prophecy.
4. What seems of value still,is stuff generated and put to use in the church. Things of core value, discipling processes, maturity processes, operational wisdom.
5. Life goes by pretty quickly. The ride will be a bit easier if you eschew pride and stay humble, if you work on staying nimble, and if you put forth faithful and daily effort to fulfill the role that God has given you with excellence.

"...only what's done for Christ will last."

Travel sleek, my friend. Streamline.

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