Sunday, April 24, 2011


I believe in the resurrection.

Not the rescuscitation, as though by some quirk Jesus had miraculously recovered from crucifixion. Not in the memorialization that makes Him "alive" still to so many.

But I believe that He fully died, became lifeless and that the penalty for sin, by the death of The Innocent was fully paid by Jesus at first Easter. And that that action of Christ covered all time prior and after His death.

It covers us today as we believe and give our lives to Him today.

I believe that the Father God sent life back into the body of His broken Son and transformed that body into a new model...a resurrected one, and the prototype of all whom God will raise from either this life, or their place of death into His presence forever. We shall be like Jesus raised from the dead.

I believe in the resurrection for a lot of reasons.

Here is a partial list written down from looking at the texts written about this event in ancient times.

Here are reasons for my faith today:

1. The texts of record about this even...various authors, various texts all saying the same thing. And those texts overwhelming preserved (1500 or more manuscrips or parts of) and maintained so that we can have absolute confidence in their reliability. They all say over and over, He is alive.

2. The stone was rolled away...uphill, by angelic power, the angels lingered long at the site of His rising. No poof and gone. No. Sitting on the burial at the head and one at where His feet had been. What detail! What care! And the angels were seen by multiple witnesses.

3. was women, contrary to normal witness proceedures of the time, that are the first reporters at the tomb, and the announcers to His followers of resurrection reality. If this was all a hoax, don't throw women in as witnesses into the mix. And this amazing detail signals the rising up of women that continues to this day, in its own way a unique evidence of His resurrection.

4. Running...the first witnesses went running. No "oooh ahing" - not swooning - "running" to tell others. So excited. So in control of all faculties. So having to share the news. So reliable, so wonderful.

5. Touching...holding his feet, putting fingers to the miraculously healed wounds in his side and hands, eating with him, walking with him, listening to him at length. He was not appearing for a final under-the-lights moment...but he appears "over many days" - 40 to be precise - to give absolute assurance to all that He is not a vapor, a wishful projection...but an actual, substantive Lord.

6. Burning hearts...out in the country on a long walk with Him, disciples (always seemingly multiple on-site witnesses) - before they even comprehend what He is saying to them, develop an interior fire in His presence. Now there is a resurrection evidence that you and I can test today.

7. Many more evidences could be listed...but I'll end with this: almost all of those who bore first witness to His resurrection, died as martys rather than turn from their confession of faith in this. If it had somehow been trumped up, would a deceptive lie have been worth all their lives?

I believe in the resurrection.

Happy, happy, happy Easter!

He IS alive!

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Mandy said...

That's inspiring!

Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Every moment, thank God.

Happy Easter, my friend. ;)