Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 23

5475 days ago our family came down the aisle all tuxed up
to watch Dad and Mom join their lives together.

That's 15 years ago!

Our "family" came down the aisle - all five children - because both of us had been widowed and now were taking the plunge again.

Just as nervous as the first time.

More emotional than ever.

We had met in Israel, by the Sea of Galilee. No kidding.
(I tell people that after our first long talk, I went walking on the water.)

Not really...but I was struck by the beauty of this lady.

I was already falling madly in love.

So six months later we were married...
in Salt Lake City and Lincoln.

All of us were in it both times tuxes and with flowers and all each time.

Not too much typical about this arrangement.

And now it's fifteen years.

And we are still in love....our whole family included.

Oh, we have our moments.
Partly because I'm stubborn and ....
And, well...

But she is such a friend and companion.
A protector and help.
A spiritual partner and fellow journeyman.
She has taught me more than I can ever say about life and love,
about "deal with it" and "get over it."
About courage and zeal and play.

Did I tell you about her cooking and decorating and laughing skills?

And so today we celebrate that life has taken us to new places twists and turns - literally, with 8 grandchildren!

But she is the love of my life.
(And Jesus knows what I mean and smiles at this.)

Here's to 15 more....

Jackie, I love you.


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Cheri' said...

Happy Anniversary Dave & Jackie! I remember the day you married Jackie ... what a special day it was for everyone there! You are such a wonderful couple! We have the fondest memories of you guys!

Cheri white