Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since I last wrote to you, Jackie and I have spent a few days staying in the otherwise vacant home of some friends, near Divide, Colorado. (Thanks Mike and Dianne - your kindness to us will never be forgotten.)

Their home is located about :90 from ours...but, on the west side of Pike's Peak, in the middle of rolling landscape, rocky outcroppings, and thick forrests.

Mike, the home owner, had told me to "be sure to feed the turkeys."
So, each day, I took a half bucket of crushed corn out and scattered it on the ground...banging the bucket to call in the birds...and plentiful deer.
One day it snowed a lot and I wondered if I should continue my feeding. I did proceed and walked out into the 6 inches of fresh snow to scatter the corn. I went downhill towards the treeline and began to pour a long stream of gleeming yellow feed onto the whitened earth.

This is probably useless, I thought - that is, until I turned around - and behind me, following in single file, were twenty or more big turkey's waddling uphill for lunch.

To see them in procession, with their awkward gait and long pinkish legs, brought me to a chuckle.

And I wonder what Jesus sees in us, when we try to follow Him.

It was one of His most repeated calls to His disciples.

Follow Me.

It truly is the secret to a whole lot of God-life in our lives.

And I write myself some quick mental notes...

Follow Me - means that the critical factor in my life is to stay as close as I can to Jesus.

Follow Me - means that I must learn to listen more than look...just the opposite of what we do when a person tells us to "follow" them.

Follow Me - means that I must have a submitted spirit, to always be following - no bullies in the Kingdom.

Follow Me - means that I can be deeply at ease inside, because HE will always be where I end up.

So today, may you and I be really good.....at following.

And may we follow so close, until now becomes forever.



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