Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April 1


Recently I have found a dime, and a bashed up nickel, and a bunch of pennies, and a bicycle reflector and some very smoothe and colorful stones.

It's all happened as I have looked down as I walk neighborhood streets, or restaurant parking lots.

Feels like a bit of a treasure hunt.

And some day, I tell myself, I will find a diamond, or a watch, or something that is really worth a lot.

But that just never does happen.

Looking down seems to bring just scruffed-up pennies....mostly.

But, if I look up

I see mountain peaks,
and birds high in the air,
and cloud formations playing with the last rays of sunlight,
and airplanes on final approach, bouncing slightly in the turbulence.

And if I look up "higher" still....I see God.

My "seeing" of God is helped by
the silence of the walk,
and recalling memorized scripture,
and seeing His fingerprints in everything around me.

Lots better than pennies....this looking up.

Today in these very turbulent times....may you and I look up not down.

God is with us.



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Jolhh2 said...

Thanks for the reminder of what is important. Let us never forget that God is with us - and His treasure is all around us. I am amazed that you can see the majesty of mountains in Colorado - and the the 'ends of the earth' filled with the bluest sky in Nebraska.
Jodi Hermes