Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The urge

April 22

Read last night about a guy who had it all....but then really didn't.

Ivy League education with graduate degrees, rich family position, eastcoast mansions, manhattan office, power, prestige, a beautiful wife, children, athletics, youth, health...he had it to speak.

And he - Elliot - became Client #9 to a call girl service. He had been the Attorney General of New York with a swashbuckling reputation of going for the bad guys. He became the Governor of New York ... and many thought that was just a prime for much more.

And he became Client #9?

Newsweek ran a feature article trying to get to the "why?" of it all.

I was interested...and read closely.

His admission when asked the why question?

"Power and adulation has a built in seduction to it." It is also something about drives, the urge, pleasure.

Should have not needed to read to even find that out.

All that stuff at the top? has a huge pull downwards.

In all of us are built-indrives that must be managed well or they will wreak their own out-of-control havoic on our lives.

If we sense that we are on a bit of a road like Elliot's, it is time to admit it, head back downwards - to the foot of the cross - and walk like a real man, in humility, integrity and real love.

In Christ...Who is more than enough.


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