Monday, April 27, 2009


Monday, April 27


Reading today about the swine flu breakout that is beginning to occur in places like Mexico. Did you see the picture of the stadium empty while two teams competed in world-cup-level soccer? Erie to the max. People staying away from the chance to catch the flu.

Instructions to wash hands frequently. Get as close to antiseptic as you can.
Check out your bacon.
Stay clear of people who are sick.
Stay home if you suspect you are.....and more.

And all that is wise advice.......
and as well, we should be praying for the Lord's protection and for the plague not to spread and for those who are in charge of national health issues to be given increasingly effective wisdom for the protection of all.

And I think of our son Micah who is in such a non-antiseptic environment.
I dare not write some of the things he has spoken of. But it is rough and challenging and insect ridden....and dangerous.

And I am thinking about all of this and reading the Bible...on my continuing journey through it again this year (not too late to get going and do the same :) - and I come to this place in my reading a few days ago:
"So David gave an order to his men, and they killed them.
They cut off their hands and feet and hung the bodies by the pool in Hebron.
But they took the head of Ish-Bosheth and burned it in Abner's tomb at Hebron." (II Samuel 4:12f)


The sheer starkness, willfulness, bloodiness of it all is fully revulsive.
The fact that King David ordered this, is stunning
...and the Bible recorded it?!

The parallel to some of what is going on in Afghanistan was startling to me.

Human nature has been like this for a long, long time....indeed, it started at the start - check out Genesis.

My reflections about all of this?

*I am so grateful for the culture and time in which we live.
For civility, law and order, and community.

*And I am grateful for those who are engaged (as I write this) in a life-risking struggle to end this kind of action in a troubled part of the world.

*And I am thankful that nothing is new to God.

*And I am thankful that Jesus came midway between II Samuel and now and "took upon Himself the sins of the world."

*And I am thankful that what He went through was enough for all time.
And He embodied meekness and gentleness and grace...and said: "Follow Me."

*And in the end, I want to live with grace and kindness - not violence.

*And I don't ever want to let my rough edges make me think "God can't handle this."

*And until I am with Him some day...while I live, I want to be fully a in whom truth, reality, and grace embrace.

*Oh, and finally, I wouldn't mind being a bit less antiseptic.



You got some reflections too?

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