Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Growth Ratios

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Came across a piece I wrote after reading a book by Win Arn on significant ratios in healthy growing churches. A great way to measure how we are doing...and figuring out perhaps why we feel stuck.

Growth'll get it as you read.

1. Role/task - there should be a minimum of 60 specific roles and/or tasks for every 100 members of a church. And tasks spread across the whole of the church is critical.

2. Board/new - 1 of every 5 board members should have joined the church in the last 2 years.

3. Staff/attendance - 1 full time staff person in place for every 150 persons attending in worship.

4. Money/outreach - $1 of every $10 given to the church should be invested in evangelism, outreach, church growth.

5. Attendance/full - 87% full on Sunday is full. Expand, add another service or plant another church...or you will plateau because the church is "full" and people will not endlessly crowd in.

6. Membership/small groups - 7 groups per 100 members..all kinds of groups included in this calculation, but groups at least that meet, task, and build life together.

7. New groups/old groups - 1 of every 5 groups in a church should be less than 2 years old.

8. Members/involved - 75% of members (not just attenders) should be involved in a group

9. Visitors/regulars - 5 of every 100 persons in worship should be visitors from the church's ministry area (15-25 minutes driving distance) Remember: a church looses 6-10% of its membership through the back door annually. are you doing? Part of the answer or part of the problem?

How is your church doing?

Tell me if you gain something important from this focus on the blog.



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