Thursday, June 3, 2010


June 3, 2010


Jesus knew it well.

Really? was embodied in a man he had fact all the men he had chosen. But especially one.

"He has a devil.

"Satan (could) enter into him.

He kept the money and "dipped his hand into the money bag" with frequency.

Under the pretense of "giving to the poor.

But it was for himself.

And then the dipping action gave way to more.

All under the pretense of more money for all of us.

It is a basic principle...little imperfections build to bigger and bigger things...unless dealt with.

He didn't...and ends up throwing the result of it (money)down before people.

And ending his own a way that causes the city to name a "park" the "field of blood."

And Jesus had the up (we think) on us by knowing so much more than we do?

He was the walking gift of knowledge? (Long before it happened he knew that "One of you will betray me.")

The one who dips his hand with communion!

Such impefection.

It is a huge burden for some of us in family...and for others in business or church.

I was a great burden on Jesus - too.

One of the weaknesses we all have to live through and around.

And not give in to. Jesus fulfilled the will of the father - perfectly. (Hebrews 2:10, 7:28)

In the now, He knows knows our battles with imperfection....from the inside track and the other side destiny.

Don't accept imperfection, not "ah wells, but "oh God! battle against it.

Press on my friends.

We have a faithful Friend, who has been where you are today, and knows the way through.



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