Friday, November 19, 2010

Kids talk

This morning, with the house filling up with guests, I took a turn downstairs in the play area with several grandkids.

Lots of energy, and some competition, squeels and showing off.

I finally perched in one of two bean bags and just watched.

With that Ella, at almost three, did the same.

"Gramps, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Hatching beans" I replied.

"Me too" she said, flashing her big smile at me.

"How are yours coming?" I asked.

But it was too late...her attention was on something else and she was up and running to another part of the play area.

"Gramps - watch!" she called out.

And when my attention towards her was certain, it was like the starting gun.

She took off in a ten yard sprint to the wall...giggling as she went, and looking to see that I was still focused.

I was.

Children the world over are pretty similar - spontaneous, inventive, needing love and attention, playful, boundless in bounding.

Was this a little of what Jesus had in mind when he said - "become as a child,
and you will see the Kingdom of God...the presence and activity of God" (see Luke 18:15-17)

Well, I'd better see there is this neat pony waiting patiently in our basement play area and I've already been instructed on how to ride.

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