Monday, November 15, 2010


The weather is changing...the trip down the driveway each morning for the paper is getting a bit quicker all the time, the bathrobe tassel tied tighter...the hold-your-breath-while-you-do-this reflex less optional...and the get-dressed-before-you-do- this moments are coming soon. It is all about the seasons...and winter is on its way. Pike's Peak is looking a bit more ashen each day.

I find it fascinating to reflect on this, the way God made things.

Seasons to mark the years...light and dark to mark the days...young and old to mark life. The Master stroke of a Genius bent on keeping us from boredom. Everything - seems to be in seasons...except for God who "changes not."

Seasons come and go. Some cycle around and around, and some cycle forward only.

Seasons do not last worry, your favorite will return.

Seasons have advantages and disadvantages, all of them. Youth: energy but inexperience. And the opposite way down line, in the greying years.

Seasons provide for options that are unique, if taken advantage of.

So, the worst thing I could do about a season is resist it, complain about it - stand on my driveway and curse the cold.

No, better by far to move a little faster, embrace the change, and make the best of it... oh, and put on warmer clothes. Millions will skate and ski and make snowmen, and drink hot chocolate.

So, no scrooges here. Let's celebrate and thank God for His incredible design and sovreign purposes in our lives.

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