Thursday, November 25, 2010


Not a cloud in the sky...blazing sunshine...crisp morning air. Fat newspaper on the driveway...sleepy neighborhood.
Aromas of a feast beginning to permeate the air. Telephone connections warming up. Lots of greetings on fb.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've thought of making a long list of things I am thankful for but know I would fall far short of completion. I sense there are so many things in my life that I take for granted, but are truly incredible blessings from safety, law and order, health, freedom. Remove just one of these things and this would become instead, a very challenging day.

In all our giving of thanks may we be truly deeply humble...for so many today are in fear (Korea) or under great constraints (China) living in plastic huts (Haiti). Big picture in the paper today of people getting boxes of food given in our city so they can have a celebrative time today. Horrific statistical reports of crime rampant in this community.

So, I will not make a list, but I will be deeply thankful...and recon that somehow the grace of God has intervened in my life. His kindness is unfathomable. And I will continue a process begun very early of expressing my thankfulness to HIM for His kindnesses.

Early this morning little sounds from the other side of the best friend up and at it in the still shaddowyness of early morning. Mixing this, pouring that, prepping for the wonderful meal we will share.

Jackie is incredible...a tireless champion for family and a partner extraordinaire...if you know what I mean! I salute her and realize that among the very best things God has ever brought into my life, she ranks at the top. The amount of positive change, focus and energy she has brought is unmeasureable. Oh, and did I mention laughter?!

So, today, may we give thanks, genuinely, humbly and with focus...before, during, after the big meal...why not be a leader and help those around you take up the focus of affirmation and thanksgiving to God for His great grace. Have a time when you give people the chance to simply say.."Thanks."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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