Sunday, November 28, 2010

SL Thanksgiving

In these days of giving thanks, I want to thank God for the privilege of teaching SL (Spirit Life) at Restoration Church. Over four weeks, we took 75-90 minutes each week to open up concepts from the book and go live with applications.

The class ended today, but will go on in my heart for a long time.

In specific, I want thank God for the following:

1. For people who, at the end of the class, came up and with tears in their eyes expressed their gratefulness for the sessions...often with a strong embrace.

2. For Debbie who prepared a video presentation linking the Hallelujah chorus with Hubbel deep space shots. After we saw this, many of us wanted just to sit in silence for a long was moving to the core.

3. For the streams of questions today that were among the most pentrating that I have ever tried to field...and the nodds that followed as lights turned on with discovery.

4. For the eagerness each week and the sense of strategic development that was taking place.

5. For one third of the class that responded last week to the opportunity to receive ministry that they might recieve more of the Holy Spirit.

6. For the wonderful brother that paid enough so that everyone who could not really afford a book, could simply take one.

7. For Jesus, Who through His ministry, death, resurrection and the sending of His Spirit, opened up for all of us the most exciting vistas of life ever imagined.

Can you tell I am truly grateful?!


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