Saturday, July 21, 2012


Traveled to Nebraska in these last two weeks.  A terrific time with so many people...fine events.  Wonderful!

Events to be savored and treasured for a very long time.

One encounter:  Jackie talking to a cherished friend....telling her about the stresses being experienced by some of our new friends.  And as she was talking, the friend, took out her checkbook and began writing....a very large check to a person she had never met.

  "Give this to them....and tell them that God has prompted me and wants them to know He loves them."

A very large check.

So we came home excited at the  moment that would come when we would be able to give this gift to our Colorado friends.

That time came soon...and with the explanation above, the gift was placed in their hands.

Opened, it brought deep emotions to the surface and joy on the faces of the children.  And expressions of faith about how God cares and moves in unusual ways to provide.

As well....a quick idea of how this gift was in time to meet a need that had arisen from the blind side just days ago.

I stood there with tears....and and in waves of joy.  Celebration.  Hugs.

It is more blessed to give than to proof.

Are your hands closed to the needs around you?

Take this note as a nudge and pass on the blessings in your life....even to total strangers.

"It is in giving that we receive".....words from a treasured and much proven prayer.


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