Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Coaches - Two Outcomes

Two football articles in the sports section of this morning's JOURNAL STAR - Lincoln.

One about Penn State and icon coach Joe Paterno....and the continuing debacle over the Sandusky horrors and the impact on everyone in "Happy Valley."  The embarrassment and lingering shadow over Paterno's career.

And the other, as former star NU fullback, Ricky Simmons, tells his story.

After a championship run at NU he went into pro ball....but fell into a cocaine habit.
  Finally, he ended up in jail.
    Forgotten.  Ruined.  Alone.

And then one day, a letter arrived from Tom Osborne, icon coach at Nebraska.
With these words:
 "Dear Ricky, I know your parents believed in you. I believe in you. Upon your release, if there's anything I can do to help you, feel free to contact me.  Tom Osborne."

Ricky's words about what happened in that moment:
 "I fell to my knees right there in my prison cell and turned my life over to Christ."

It was a God event, and his life began to change dramatically.

Today, his smile in the picture posted with the story is one of peace and confidence. He is standing by a life-size bronze statue of Tom Osborne coaching a young and ready player.

And now Ricky is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor in practice in Lincoln.

Two coaches.  Two responses.  Two results.

It's really do reap what you sow.  There is no really hidden stuff.

The influence of one can make a huge difference.

The smallest acts of kindness can be the trigger of so much.

Christ, invited to be Lord, brings pivotal change to life.


Roger and Meg said...

Wonderful reflections! Thanks, Dave.

Harley Petersen said...

Thank you Dave. Very good reminder.