Monday, July 9, 2012


Savoring today the special moments of yesterday.

Last night, for instance, after a wonderful meal and table fellowship with good friends, the idea was struck: how about if we went downstairs and sang a few hymns?

With that we did - the six of us - took up some hymnals and began paging through to find some that we all could sing.  Some sat down on the carpet, others stood together, hymnbooks opened and ready.

We began, albeit a bit scratchy, but punctuated between songs by - "wow, it has been a long time....."I still remember...."amazing words....and more.  Laughter as we broke into parts, and held certain notes out - as we remember doing on songs like - "You ask me how I know He lives..."

We sang for a long time.

Along the way, some of us dropped out for a time, to manage the depth of spiritual response that this was eliciting.

"We must do this again..." was the conclusion of it all.  Great joy.  Enriched fellowship with one another and our Lord.

Driving back home, I reflected on the strengths of what we had experienced.
*The memories stirred by the experience were very strong.
*The common ground revisited with delight.
*Singing together in parts and through much content was bracing.
*Covering such theological diversity - the cross, eternity, the blood, the call of Christ on our lives, His matchless grace, His great victory over sin and death - stirred us deeply.
*The continuing call to faith, and to personal commitment pushed us forward.

Hymns....a storehouse of treasure worth rediscovering.



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