Thursday, July 26, 2012

Self Talk

I've discovered and practiced this a bunch and found that it really helps.

Self talk.

Self coaching.

Muttering and mumbling to myself.

I can be anywhere doing it...for it is mostly interior.

Stuff like:
 "This is really not that important.
     "Won't matter in a  month.
       "Not a biggie..
         "Cool your jets...humility is big in the Kingdom.
Too often I have found myself prone to make a quick and thoughtless defense of whatever I just quickly think or feel, to based on my ego, my own values, my own sense of what's worth it, my own shortness of patience or energy.

Self talk lets me slow down, think twice and most often, make a better conclusion.

I tend to be careful, thoughtful and conservative.  Notice my self talk tends to be calming, generous, faith-filled.

Maybe your self talk needs to be something like...
   Oh, just do it
   Now, friend, not later
   Serve, don't wait to be served.
   Hold it...better think about that one.

Self talk...

Read Psalm 23 this morning....and writing this on the heels of that, makes me wonder how much of this   Psalm and perhaps so many of them, was self talk....while out on the hills swatting flies and tending sheep.

I think so...maybe the whole thing.

Self talk...a way to better focus on what is really of value.

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