Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic potentials

What a start to the Olympics.

Watched last night.  Amazed by the creativity, multi-dimensionality, generation-inclusivism, historical sensitivities, and....the Queen!  Even the touches of faith. (a hymn sung by children.)

Amazed, as always, by the nations in parade....the world is at this event, and the world (2 billion) is watching!  Astounding.

In my quiet time this morning I found myself drawn to some thoughts that seemed to come together as if orchestrated:
  *the female athlete reflecting on the truly wild and uninhibited behaviors that can occur after hours in the Olympic Village.
  *the reflections of some athletes as to their God-gratefulness, and sense of destiny in being able to participate in the games...seems like God has done some strategic placement.

And I found myself drawn to pray for the Olympics...that God will use it to show up in the lives of people, establishing His Kingdom presence in their lives and doing a transforming work, rather than the possibility of promiscuity and evil taking place.  "Impenetrable" countries with heroes returning home with new sensitivities to Christ.

I reflected too, on the ways I have often thought, in a limiting way, about prayer.  Like, if I was present,  would I be more effective?   Does praying for the Olympics from the other side of the globe really affect anything?

And in the words of Jesus I found ample answers:
  "Pray this way...Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Mt 6:10
  Prayer is a key element in the release of laborers - Mt 9:36-38
  "Have faith...whatever you ask in prayer (including moving mountains) will be done."  Mt 21:20ff
  It is God we petition, and He knows no limitations.

So, as we watch an amazing gathering and all the competitions - let us all participate through prayer.

Together, let's make a difference.  Shapers of the events...not just spectators.

Prayer - the great determiner of outcomes.

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