Friday, August 3, 2012

Garage Sale Theology

Our first garage sale here.

  With Jess and family - in preparation for their moving overseas.

  Lots of stuff, the garage full and the driveway too.  Not junk...but good stuff, freshly cleaned and working.

This morning it began...the steady trickle of customers purchasing a few to a lot of stuff.  Helped one lady load the back of a pickup full.

  a. the way the neighbors responded and relationships were stoked.
  b. the way people just kept coming...hardly a down moment.
  c. the fun engendered working together as a family
  d. the friends who came and lingered....what a joy

Theologically -
  a. it is better to give than to receive - the prices are ridiculous, and we dropped many still lower
  b. less is really more -  more space, but also, more simplicity, more time, more freedom
  c. the opportunity to really help some people in need - and their thankfulness in receiving
  d. the neighborhood...a chance to show love, joy, and to engender mission - met a man who has been hoping for a neighborhood group to form....across the street and down four houses.

Traveling a little lighter, and very blessed.

Theological sense regarding Garage sales: it's another way to seek first the Kingdom and watch what God might do.


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