Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kingdom encounter

They just left...driving off in an aging vehicle.

Packed full of most of the stuff of their lives.

Today they will seek to develop a potential in another community: to cast Jesus' vision into the lives of the next generation.

They were involved in a safe, traditional place of  ministry and doing just fine.

But it kept eating at them....that they were not walking out the real reason for their lives.

In fact, doing so much stuff that the realities of the Kingdom were being missed.

So they "left their nets"....and are following.

Stories now of surprising demonstrations of God's presence.

Public conversations leading to prayer....and generosity.

Provision out of nowhere.

Risky, faith-charged management of resources.

Deep commitment to raising up the next generation for Jesus.


Statements of abandonment to The Cause.

Living the prayer: "Your Kingdom COME."

A reflection of Jesus just drove off in an aging vehicle.

Be relentless with us Lord...stirring us to do the stuff of the Kingdom.

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