Friday, August 17, 2012


It's not till tomorrow, but it started today....
Birthday celebrations for Jackie.

Carson, our 6-year-old grandson who is staying with us while his folks are away in missions training, began it all very early:  "Grammy, I made a gift for your birthday."

With that, the gift was handed to her and she eagerly opened it.

It was a necklace,  a loop of knitting yarn and held in place for bold display - an "E" made of multi-colored legos.

When asked why it was an "E" - the reply:  For your name, "GrammEE."

Profuse words of thanks.....and then getting it fastened around her neck.

Spelling is still something Carson is working on....but he has the meaning and how-to love and be creative well in hand.

It is not the cost of things that make them special, but the love behind it all.

So Jackie, on this day before the day, Carson and I salute you.  Superb friend, faithful partner, spiritual journeyman, great cook, wonderful host, creative homemaker, family builder and so much more.

We love you - GrammEE.

Happy Birthday!

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