Thursday, August 9, 2012

Speaking with God

Reading slowly through the Psalms in these days.  Up to #56.

This morning Psalm 55 particularly spoke to me to adjust some operational processes.

1. Sometimes I think: If I am really walking close, everything should be going just fine.

  Instead: the Psalmist's words - King David, by the way:
     :2 - restless, moaning
     :3 - oppressed, deeply troubled, grudge-bearing
     :4 - anguish within, terrors of death, fear and trembling, horror
     :12 - taunts, insolence
     :13 - friends who now bear me evil...and memories that deepen pain

2. Lots of times I act like: Prayers need to be polite, reverent, carefully expressed.

  The Psalmist's prayer focuses:
     :1 - give ear, God
     :2 - I have a complaint
     :17 - continually I complain and moan
     :15 - let death steal over my enemies, humble them
     :9 - destroy, O Lord, divide their tongues

3. By my actual praying, I often bely that: I am not sure that prayer is efffective.

     :16 - the Lord ill save me
     :17-18 - He hears and He redeems

4. Not sure what to do now about all of this?
     :22 - Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you.
     :16 - call out to the Lord and He will save you
     :23 - trust entirely in God

Enough then of our pious, controlled, and abbreviated praying...especially when we are in a valley.

Oh God, you can handle our deep emotions and doubts.
  May we truly cast our burdens on You, calling out fervently to You and trusting entirely in You.

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Rhonda said...

Thankful that God not only puts up with us being open and honest but that He really wants us to be.