Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This is a special season indeed.

Carson (our 6-year-old grandson) has been staying with us for over a week now and his presence has been wonderful.  Lots of different questions as we eat.  Lots of cartoons on the TV.  Lots of legos on the floor.  A nightly treasure of reading all together, and praying and Jackie or I lying with him until he is asleep.....usually measurable in seconds.  He is a bright, happy, well-adjusted young man and we are proud and grateful to have these days with him.

Family has been huge....visits to, visits from....meals infinitum and treasured times around table.  Jackie and I have looked at each other and said..."so what in the world would we be doing if we had an outside job?" has been a busy time and wonderful.

Projects around the house...weeding, trimming, organizing, freezing peaches, decorating....lots of changes in the look.

Reading and soaking in the word and prayer.....Bonhoeffer by Metaxas,  Christianity, the first 3000 years - MacCulloch,  The Jesus Life - Smith,  The Bible...ESV.  It has been special to soak.

Getting more regular exercise as well...though not doing as well as my mind constructs...or my body wishes.

The days ahead.....a trip to the NW,  and the SE?....then time helping another church transition (still in the talking stages).

Changing pace so often in these years is a special challenge.  It has helped me greatly to know that each day as I do whatever God gives me to do, I am functioning in His will, and living in a state of preparation for whatever might be around the corner.  It is not "when I do X....then..." but today, do what stokes life and prepares the spirit and you will be ready.

God is the master of the "go"
         ....I need to be fully engaged in the now.

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Janet said...

Fred and I are so glad you and Jackie are enjoying life. We're on the same page as you are, relishing every moment to work, play, and serve. Love you bunches!