Wednesday, August 27, 2008


John did so much of it that he was called "The Baptizer." Imagine that - being so frequently at it that that act became your nickname!

Jesus insisted that John baptize Him - said it was about doing everything to please God. And when He did....clouds moved, birds flew and everyone went "wow."

At one point in the Bible, they baptised in a certain place because there was much water there. Kinda always turned me away from sprinkling. :)

From the very days of Jesus on earth it has been standard for everyone walking with him through life. Baptism.

I like baptism because it is clear.
Lots of faith is fuzzy.
Baptism gets you wet, puts you under, gets (normally) observed by a crowd.
Its a public, purposeful, messy thing.

When pastoring a growing church we baptised everywhere we could:
in a muddy lake, (with fish nibbling on our legs)
in a goat's milk processing vat,
in a borrowed tank,
in a swimming pool,
in a bathtub,
on a sandy beach (when it was so cold and windy that I couldn't remember the Trinity),
with polished words and rough...."nice" words and plain ones....
with tears, and shouts, and hugs, and laughter...
with children pressing in to see...and strangers dropping by
....and grandfolks driving distances just to be there.
with people jumping in so excited (that they almost self-immersed)

We baptized and baptised.

It was party time...always.

It was always the beginning of so much more.

Baptism is like a sign on the road.
It says to everyone, this is for real and I am on the road that leads to God's place.

Come and join me....let's go together.

Have you been baptized?

Got some water at your place?

Mix it with faith and join in the journey to God's House.


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Pastor Tom said...

This is so true...we just got done with a baptism at Recharge (muddy) Lake...baptized 10 and it was an awesome time of worship as we celebrated new life!