Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peace - with God

August 20 - 08

She came into my room. "You ok?"

I had jumped into bed a few minutes before and was waiting for her arrival - and thinking about the condition of my soul.

"Not sure," I said. "Not sure if my heart is really right in God's eyes."

She explained to me that being "right" with God has to do with two basic things.
One: really opening your heart to God. Really and clearly confessing your need of Him to forgive you of your sin and asking Him to begin from that point to exercise His presence and direction in your life.

Two: His part is in forgiving you of your sins and sending a portion of His Holy Spirit to live inside of you forever. He can do this and does it every time someone prays honestly and with faith that way, because His Son, Jesus Christ, lived, died (as a substitution for us) and rose again, alive from the dead (to prove to all that what He had, in this way, arranged for us to be able to do - was really done! It was now in force.).

Party time!

With that good news made clear, I bailed out of bed and we knelt together.

I began to pray...
"God, I admit that I have sinned and that I do not have peace in my heart with You. I ask you, because of what Jesus did, to forgive me of my sins completely." (I've always found it to be so helpful to be specific here in prayer. If something comes to mind to confess, I do so, until the slate before me is all mentioned to God in prayer.)
I continued: "I ask You to bring me into a place of new life. Send a portion of Your Holy Spirit to live within me. This day I enter into partnership with You. As You help me, I will live with/for You, now and forever. Thank You. Amen."

I was in my bedroom. It was my mother who knelt with me that night.

And I slept with a deep sense of peace with God.

Over 50 years later, that prayer is still working in me.


I hope that you will join me on this journey of faith. And if you blog and let me know how, I will make sure you have a New Testament and further words of clear explanation about today's blog in your hands. Just had to do this once as we interact in this way. Welcome - to new life.

I travel tommorrow to Nebraska to do a marriage conference. Will return to the blog next Tuesday - 26th.
God be with you....really!

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