Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tuesday, August 19

Yesterday I took the day off - to celebrate Jackie's birthday. It was a wonderful day.
Thanks for understanding that there was no fresh entry on this blog - always my goal for a Monday.


Today I travelled the usual route to work...a complex path across the city, that adds up being the shortest distance to work.

It was different today though, for my journey took me by an elementary school...and this school is in its first days of a new Fall semester.

Quite a distance from the campus, a flashing light told us "be alert, school is going to start very soon. There are children now all around. Be careful."

Red brake lights punctuated morning air as traffic slowed to 20.

At one challenging juncture, a lady bright in a flourescent jacket, held a "STOP" sign in her hand and walked periodically into the intersection to make sure we did.

Mothers guided young children...many holding hands. New backpacks appeared in the clutches of many of the young. Looks of determination and concern could be easily seen.

And so unfolded an important journey along busy streets...and the experienced and the proud made sure the young traveled safely and on time. Any youthful but erratic behavior would be overcome by an environment that would allow them more than the ususal safety. The major risks for accident were diminished to almost nothing.

As I reviewed in my mind how awful it would be for some kind of accident to occur, I slowed to even below the required levels.

And I wondered how we do with our "young" - in the faith.
* The persons who have just committed their lives to Christ but know little of what it means.
* Those on a path uncertain with "traffic" going by that can have lethal consequences.
* The children and youth among us.

Do we dispatch anyone to bring them along during the early parts of their journey? Is anyone there to be their father and mother, to hold up the "stop" signs, to bring order to an often confusing world?

Will a piece of literature in their hands be enough? ..or a portion of the Bible? Will directions on living, delivered through the mail be life-giving for them?

I don't think so.

But, they will be helped so much more if someone will
call them and talk with them
...and walk with them on the journey
...and drink coffee with them or coke
...and help them sort out the best paths for their lives.

Now there is "follow up" indeed.

The young - in age and faith-
- it is good for us to give them special care.

Jesus said:
"Don't push these children away.
Don't ever get between them and me.
These children are at the very center of life in the kingdom."
Mark 10:14f - The Message.



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