Thursday, August 28, 2008


For the last few days the DNC (Democratic National Convention) has made front page of every paper I've seen. Obama/Biden have been covered from all angles....even family members and schools and on. Smiles, hugs, bright ties, nicely pressed shirts, arms raised in (hopeful) victory. Hillary calling for everyone to "unanimously" affirm their choice as presidential candidate. Ah, such positioning.

This morning the news was showing the lavish stage that has been put together on the field at Invesco - white pillars, massive lights, chairs arranged carefully, huge stage....some have drawn an analogy to Greek temples and whatnot. Others are starting to question what this must have cost - and what with the economy in trouble. Watch for the banter.

And as I caught some of this over breakfast I thought of the way Jesus entered on His "campaign" trail to change the spiritual environment of the world forever....."He came to his own and His own received Him not." "He was dispised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." Long into the campaign He was asking: "Who do people say that I am?"

He came unobtrusively - unanimously unrecognized - lived with continual rejection, and died pinned to a cross - a loud and public spectacle of mockery - the exclamation point beyond any form of torture and suffering ever yet known to mankind.

If time goes on - (if) - generations to come will be tested to see if they can remember Obama or McCain (certainly not whoever becomes the VP)- and many will sweat profusely at that inquiry and will not succeed......but writing this today, I find myself moved so deeply within, with gratefulness for One Who came as He did. And did what He did.

The power of His upside-down Kingdom remains. The way down is truly the way up.

So may we live the Kingdom today...seeking not the acclaim, but the place of service. Not the bright lights, but the bright hearts lit up by God Himself.

Jesus..."elected" by the Father to the highest "office" there will ever be.



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