Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just Do It

Tuesday - 8-26 - 4:10pm

I'm back.
Returned from a great time in Nebraska last night...and waited all day for work on this computer to be completed.
That's life...right?



Sunday afternoon - sipping tea on a sun deck with old friends.
Recounting favorite memories.
Lots of laughter.
Lots of humility. :)
Roger: "Remember when you and I used to resolve one more time that we would exercise and really get in shape?"
We would solemnly agree and part uplifted that such in-shape-ness was now on its way.

One week later: "How is the exercise program going?"

What we discovered was that Roger had purchased new sneakers. And I had drawn up a masterful chart to follow the progress.

Actual exercise?


And our bodies protest:
Don't worry about fancying me up. Just exercise me.
Don't worry about keeping accurate records of the progress - just do something.

Same with weight loss, and new skill acquisition (how many books have I purchased "to really get good at this" - and then not even read the book?!)

So, the next time you feel prompted to do something important....don't spend your valuable time getting ready to do it...and then not actually doing anything.

Just do something...
cause...even a faltering first step, is worth a lot of sitting.

Reminds me of Jesus' words:
"There is a part of you that is eager, ready for anything in God.
But there's another part that's as lazy as an old dog sleeping by the fire. Stay alert!"
- The Message Matthew 26:41 -
Known best as "the Spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

Selah*....or shall I say...DOlah? :)


*Selah - an old hebrew expression that means "pause and think about it."


Jim Ladd said...

Now you've gone to meddlin!!

Ouch and amen!

Nickname unavailable said...

Hey Dave...I love it and tis true, tis true!